1. You need to get to work safely and on time.
  2. You need to get home from the bar and your designated driver had more to drink than you did.
  3. Some idiot was talking on their cell phone, plowed into the rear end of your car, and the wrecker driver is not going your way.
  4. There's 2 feet of snow on the ground!
  5.  You're home a day early, you need to get home from the airport and you want to surprise your spouse.(Are you sure this is a good idea?)
  6. You're out of cash and we take credit and debit cards.
  7. Lassie needs to go get her shots at the vet.
  8. Dominos told you it  would be more than an hour to deliver your pizza.
  9. Pizza Hut doesn't deliver to your area.
  10. The water company is going to shut off your water if you don't get the check to them by 9AM and your car is broke down.
  11.  You're running late, you go out to start your car and discover 2 flat tires but you only have 1 spare.
  12. You're finished with your colonoscopy, you're sure you can still drive, the hospital calls security to watch you until someone comes to pick you up.
  13. Walmart Pharmacy closes in 20 minutes and you need your meds tonight.
  14.  Your mother-in-law is at the airport. (Where do you want us to take her?)
  15. You're out of gas. We can bring you 2 gallons.
  16. You're starting to look like Billy Ray Cyrus and you need a ride to the barber shop.
  17. You won $100,000,00 on a scratch ticket and you want us to go cash it for you. (Yeah, right, we'll be right back with your money.)
  18. Your daughter and her boyfriend are going to the prom. (Where do you want us to take him?)
  19. You're in the middle of a high stakes poker game and you need another 12 pack. (Forget it, we don't deliver alcohol.)
  20. You need to do some last minute Christmas shopping and your driveway isn't plowed.
  21. Your spouse has his/her bags packed and is going home to momma/daddy. (There's a discount for that.)
  22. You're taking flowers to the cemetary on Memorial Day or Veteran's day. (There's a discount for that.)
  23. You're going to the 4th of July parade and there's no place to park.
  24. Takeout! Takeout! Takeout!
  25.  Lightning just struck a house in your neighborhood and you want to find out where the fire is. (Yeah, we don't do that either, check the newspaper in the morning.Be thankful it wasn't 

    your house.)

  26.  Your washing machine broke down and you need a ride to the laundromat.

  27. Your mechanic just told you that you need a $400.00 brake job to pass inspection.

  28. We'll help with groceries at no extra charge.

  29. We're fully insured.

  30. You need to go vote. (There's a discount for that.)

  31. You're new to Augusta and you want to see the City.

  32. You've had enough of your son-in-law and you need a ride to the airport.

  33.  You don't like to drive after dark.

  34. You're in the middle of an oil change and you realize you forgot to buy a new oil filter.

  35. You usually walk home, but it's been raining for an hour and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon.

  36. You thought you could get away with parking in the handicap spot but the tow truck was in the area. (There's no discount for that.)

  37. You need to get some important papers to your lawyer and you don't own a fax machine.

37 Good Reasons to Call Wicked Good Taxi Service in Augusta Maine.